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Smart Panel

admin / September 29, 2017

I am reviewing Smart Panel first for a couple of reasons, the first reason is that when you google Smart Panel you see all these people saying that they don’t pay and I think the reason those people aren’t getting paid is because they aren’t sending the data or they haven’t signed up and put the app on their devices.

So I am going to show you what you need to do before putting the app on your devices.

First you need to go to the website which is and scroll down to where it says You can shape the future in bold white letters and click the button that says I’d like to sign up. Fill out everything they ask you to do on the form and click submit. Use an email that you check often, the same email that you are going to use for surveys.

Once you are signed up, you can log in. Once you are logged in you are going to click on your profile and add your devices. Only add the devices that you have access to and will be able to send data from everyday.

Once you add a device, you can’t remove it but you can replace it. So if you add a computer & two smart phones you will have to send the data from all three to get paid and remain active. If one isn’t sending data but the other two are you will not get paid. If you replace the computer or one of the smartphones, then you have to replace it via the website not the app to continue to get paid.

Once you have added your devices via the website, if you add a computer/laptop they will email you a link to download the app. Same with the smart phone, they will send an email or text you the link. Once the apps are installed on all devices all you have to do is press the button that says sync data, that’s it.

Smart Panel is the easiest app to make five dollars a month, you can not redeem until the app has been active for thirty days but by then you will have ten dollars in your account.


Easy five dollars a month

Can leave money on account on the website and just let it build up

Offers Paypal and Amazon gift cards to cash out

Offers surveys once you have been with them awhile and for those you get amazon gift cards

Great customer service



If one of your devices goes inactive, you will not be paid



This is a great company and they are getting bad reviews by people who either aren’t signing up for the site or aren’t syncing all devices. I recommend them as the easiest site/app to be paid from. Five dollars a month isn’t a lot of extra money but for doing nothing but syncing devices it’s completely worth it.




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