M – Affliction is a blog which I review survey sites that I have personally used and those that have paid me, I also mention sites that have paid me that have given me an issue with paying. I will also be reviewing apps that I use to make money online.

I will be doing product reviews, however the products I review have been bought personally by me and I make no money for the products nor did I get them for free.

The reviews are my honest opinion, pros and cons of using the sites, apps and products. I am not getting paid for the reviews. The purpose of this site is to help you (low income, disabled, at home) make some extra money.

There isn’t a survey site or app that is not going to require some kind of effort on your part, you will have to make an effort if you want that extra cash. They will require time and no payment from you ever.

I recommend before joining any survey site that you have both a paypal account and an amazon account already set up. These two are the ways that the majority of sites pay.