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Three YouTube Let’s Play Gamer’s I love

admin / November 21, 2017

I spend more time watching LP’s then I do playing games and these are the three people I watch before I watch anyone else. Xurbansimsx – Why I watch: Her game play is different, it is filled with drama and keeps me interested. She’s funny and she’s real. Her videos aren’t over edited and she knows how to laugh at herself…

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How NOT to deal with bad neighbors

admin / November 19, 2017

It’s six in the morning and you have just been woken up yet again by a neighbor who has their TV so loud it is shaking the furniture in your apartment and you have just snapped since you have to deal with this shit every fucking day. You can call management but management doesn’t give a fuck and won’t do…

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Survey Site Review : PaidViewPoint

admin / November 17, 2017

Review on PaidViewPoint ; I have been a member of this survey site since September of 2016, the surveys are all site based and you don’t earn that much per survey…just a couple of cents and you also earn what they call a trait score. Your main goal besides earning money is to get your trait score to 9000 so…

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Survey site review – EPoll

admin / November 14, 2017

EPoll Surveys – I have been a member of EPoll for a year now and have cashed out with them five times. Surveys focus on celebrities, TV shows and Movies. Surveys are always fun and you have a chance to give your opinions on who you like and don’t like. I have done a couple of surveys through this site…

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admin / November 13, 2017

We get advertisements for Spectrum (Time Warner) all the time in the mail because that is the company the building uses for internet. Now SO and I have been talking about getting a connection of our own for months now and I called over the summer and it was one hundred dollars which at the time was not doable for…

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GlobalTestMarkets & Lifepoints Review

admin / November 11, 2017

I’ve been falling off reviewing so today I am reviewing the survey site GlobalTestMarkets and Their app LifePoints.   Survey site: Global test market is a survey site that I have been using for about a year and in that time I have been paid by them three times. You need 4000 lifepoints to cash out but if you are…

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Sims 4 & Health Stuff

admin / November 9, 2017

Today is my SO’s birthday and we probably aren’t doing anything because I feel like shit…yeah still. I don’t have the upper respiratory infection anymore but now I am having bad stomach pain. So I have been pretty much doubled over in pain..can’t sleep, can barely eat and am miserable which is pretty much what my life was like seven…

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Check Scam

admin / November 4, 2017

    This is the letter and check I received in the mail two weeks ago, I checked everything out…did research online as I can’t afford to have my bank account negative anything. The company is a scam, they have gotten a lot of people out of a lot of money. Money these people have to pay back to their…

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Not feeling 100%

admin / October 27, 2017

I’m really sick and I haven’t felt like being on the computer doing anything other then binge watching and I’m proud to say I am almost caught up on The Big Bang Theory….I just finished season ten. I have been leaving my phone on silent and haven’t really been leaving my apartment, The main reason is I don’t want to…

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