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admin / November 13, 2017

We get advertisements for Spectrum (Time Warner) all the time in the mail because that is the company the building uses for internet. Now SO and I have been talking about getting a connection of our own for months now and I called over the summer and it was one hundred dollars which at the time was not doable for us.

Last week I was tossing old mail in the trash and came across an advertisement I was saving for some reason. According to the advertisement it is now only twenty dollars so I called and checked to see if I would have to pay for anything up front. I don’t and I have an appointment this morning which is why I am up so fucking early.

Later that evening I was going through my email and came across the conformation email with my account information and date/time they were coming to install the box.

The email was addressed to; JOANNE PUNCH and I thought that is not my name.

I called to have the fix my name, I told the women I spoke with my name and although I have been told that I talk really fast…Jolene and Joanne don’t sound a like in my head. Although when someone asks my name and I tell them….they always repeat something completely different back to me..usually Joanne or jo’elle. 

The really funny part about this is when I called to have them fix my name, the guy who I spoke to asked if I ever had spectrum in the past and I told him I had but it was about eight years ago. He informed me that when I linked my social to the account the spelling of my name popped up with my old accounts.

How do you get someone’s name wrong when the correct name/spelling is staring you in the face?

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