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admin / November 9, 2017

Today is my SO’s birthday and we probably aren’t doing anything because I feel like shit…yeah still. I don’t have the upper respiratory infection anymore but now I am having bad stomach pain. So I have been pretty much doubled over in pain..can’t sleep, can barely eat and am miserable which is pretty much what my life was like seven years ago for three months straight…doctors ran lots of tests and everything turned up fine..who knows.

Anyway before the november seventh update broke all the mods in the sims 4, I had the wicked whims mod installed (not for anyone below 18) and I am pretty sure it was this mod that did this to my toddlers made in CAS (as it wasn’t happening before)…. 



They all had glowing eyes, like hers: she looks like a baby demon, wtf.  Some had glowing red eyes like hers, some glowed yellow and some glowed blue….like my game was possessed.  It only happened with the toddlers made in CAS though…not the adults.


Then I figured out the new update broke wicked whims and other mods when CAS would open but wouldn’t let me do anything so I just removed them all for now…until they get updated.

Not really doing anything today, watched Jeepers Creepers three on Tuesday night, yeah not scary. SO and I thought it was really dumb and everyone we’ve talked too thought the same. Really sucks because we were both looking forward to the movie and they could have made it not come out until next year around Halloween and made it…idk better.

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