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admin / November 4, 2017



This is the letter and check I received in the mail two weeks ago, I checked everything out…did research online as I can’t afford to have my bank account negative anything. The company is a scam, they have gotten a lot of people out of a lot of money. Money these people have to pay back to their banks.

The company is passing itself as a legitimate company, I have no idea how they acquired my mailing information…I do surveys for companies and enter sweepstakes..maybe that’s how.

How to protect yourself:

Read this article on survey police , I always check survey police for legitimate survey companies. Their site doesn’t post companies who scam people.

If you do receive a check in the mail for thousands of dollars that you have no idea where it came from, use google and do your research. Your bank may not catch up that it’s a fake check until weeks or months later, then You are the one that has to pay the bank back.



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