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Good Morning Plus Freebies

admin / October 17, 2017

I got called by toys r us yesterday, they are having group interviews on Thursday so I have an interview Thursday evening. I’d be much more excited about this if I wasn’t sick and didn’t feel like shit. The job is seasonal but I wasn’t expecting to be pulled in for an interview this soon.

ToastyEgg has a ton of sweepstakes going on, She posts sweepstakes that are off site but she also has ones that she does, you can enter daily and you will be signed up for her newsletter but its worth it for a sweepstake entry.

Today is sample day over at PinchMe , samples go live at noon so if you aren’t signed up I suggest you do so before noon est. Also login to the site before noon and see if you have samples (and claim them) ASAP, it says sample day runs until 3PM but it runs until they run out of samples.

Also I got an email this morning from SampleSource that they will be having samples soon, so sign up for them as well.

I took pictures of my goodie box yesterday, the post will be up later today. If there wasn’t a time I needed these companies to send me my money via paypal it’s today. I want to get sugar (drinking coffee without sugar is doable but not ideal and I need some cough medicine).

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