The big BUT

admin / October 15, 2017

Don’t you understand that if you make a statement and then add But, everything before that BUT cancels out and doesn’t matter. Even if you claim that you aren’t trying to be mean or rude, if you add the “BUT” you still come off rude as hell.


You look nice but you should lose some weight

Really means

Bitch you’re fat and shouldn’t wear that shirt/pants/whatever

Instead of being fake  and then saying BUT….. just say what you want to say


So I am on this food group (survey things, I get paid for my opinions) and on someone’s  recipe  (that was one of the top six chosen) instead of saying oh this looks good…blah blah like everyone else or giving suggestions someone wrote.


They do look good but, ( and I’m not trying to be mean,) I prefer mine

Then proceed to give a recipe for theirs, bitch really?? the hate is real  and your comment on someone’s  who recipe was chosen over yours with your recipe is rude as hell. Even got the nerve to say you’re not trying to be mean and then proceeded to be mean.




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