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I need a new bed

admin / October 15, 2017

My back is killing me, I woke up with back pain this morning like I have done every morning since I have gotten this mattress and to tell you the truth I really miss my old mattress. This new one is very soft and so you would think that it is comfortable…it’s not. This bed is also smaller then our old one, we found this out when our blankets (which barely covered our old bed) covers this one perfectly.

As two big & tall people, this just doesn’t work. As a result when he gets up to get ready for work at seven in the morning, I get up as well even if I don’t have any reason to be up.

I am expecting two packages to arrive tomorrow, I ordered a package from snackpack with my stomach…I was craving sweets when I ordered it but I won a prepaid mastercard last week and used some of the money to get their 20 dollar box. I am going to try to do an unboxing but probably not via video, I will probably just take some pictures and do a blog entry.

Then I also ordered Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File from amazon which has been on my wishlist forever and I found out that along with the prepaid mastercard I also won a 25 dollar amazon gift card. Call me lucky, I win sweepstakes because I enter them.

Plans today are to binge watch a bunch of shows that have been on my laptop for months, get through my main email and maybe my personal one. SO is at work, he worked a double yesterday (over twelve hours) which means his paycheck will be lovely.

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