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Survey Naughty List – Survey Consensus

admin / October 9, 2017

A survey site ends up on my naughty list when they haven’t paid me, argued about paying me or haven’t paid me and aren’t responding to my emails. If a survey site is on my naughty list it’s for one or more of the reasons above and you are advised to use these sites with your own risk.

Edit:  I’ve sent an email which came back undelivered and used the contact form via their site five times and haven’t received my money or a reply. I think this site scams people, so don’t waste your time.

Survey Consensus –

It has been two weeks since I cashed out with this site and they have not paid me and my emails to support go unanswered. Most of the surveys on their site are broken or if you complete them you don’t get paid. You need 1500 points (equal to 15.00) and complete 3 surveys to cash out.

When they pay me and/or respond to my emails they will be removed from my naughty list. I don’t recommend this site at all.

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