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Tragedy in Las Vagas

admin / October 3, 2017

I am going to assume that everyone already knows about the mass shooting in Las Vagas on Sunday night. I ended up getting off of twitter as someone from the UK wanted to argue with me about gun control and I didn’t feel like yesterday was the time or place for it. This person took what I said and sat there and argued with me. I was sick of talking about it that I stayed off the computer for the rest of the day.

I could have hit him back by him saying we need Gun Control in the US and tell him that they need Bomb Control over there. I don’t know what it’s about concerts, there have been a lot of mass killings (shootings, bombs) at concerts.

That being said, I am not going to blog about money making things today and pick back up on Wednesday or Thursday with another review.

Repeating what I said on twitter yesterday, My heart goes out to those who lost anyone in the mass shooting on Sunday night and instead of arguing with people on twitter maybe you could donate something. Time, Money, Hugs, Listening, Blood,  ect.

@MaayanGolubs offered free portraits to people who donate blood – If you are on twitter, check her page out.

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